Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Am a Negligent Posting Monster!

Sooo looking back I haven't posted anything since February. So Sorry!

The end of February was very busy for me with Maribel's birthday and my awesome cousin Nichole coming down to visit I just got all lost in playing tourist.
Then following February's madness came March's insaneness that before I knew it April rolled around.

Well now April is closing and up comes another busy month (to be sure) that I better get things back on track. So Better now then never I say!

So let the updating begin!

Oh but first here are a couple of my recent LOs to keep you busy while I gather my updating thoughts *giggle*

Here we are at Easter in our Easter dresses. I used a technique that was shared over at Skrapnchat to use a circle punch in amazing ways I never thought of!

This is one I did for April's LO tag over at Skrapnchat
I originally wanted to use these pics and pp for another challenge but as soon as I saw the LO I would be lifting I quickly changed my mind and used it for this one instead. ;0)

I did this one for a challenge to lift another's LO of my choice and so here is one that I just smile when I look at it. This is my super cute niece daydreaming away while she colours on the marker packaging. Hee hee.

and my final one for now is one I did for April's sketch over at SnC. I wanted to get all my Easter pics scrapped before I lose the desire to scrap them and want to do something else. We usually have to steal our kisses from lil' Bel so this was a pleasant surprise to have her dish out the kisses so freely ;0)

Thanks for reading and I promise to update a little more often. Pinky swear!