Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I left my ♥ in Blowing Rock NC

A couple of weeks ago we took a break from packing and escaped to Blowing Rock North Carolina for Joe's family fall picnic. I had anticipated the weather to be a little on the chilly side but it decided to give this Canadian's thinned blood a break and bust out the gorgeous sunshine and fall breeze.

I had a toy camera when I was a kid and loved that thing so much I took pictures of everything so just imagine my glee when I found that they are still available for my nostalgic picture taking pleasure. And since I was leaving for a weekend getaway that night I thought it would be fun to document the weekend through Holga Lomography. 

This photo holds a special place in my heart since I totally ♥ cheerwine! Like, I mean L-O-V-E! It's a good thing it isn't as easily available here in O-town because I would be in serious trouble and attending a cheerwine rehab or something...like, love!

I snuck this pic through the fence at Joe's Maw Maw's. I love how it has this sort of "Secret Garden" feel. It looks like it was super fun back in it's prime.
Other snaps from around Maw Maw's, her flowers are so pretty and welcoming. Even the bumble bees fancy them.

So there was this tree that was perfect for climbing and snapping photos in etc only......once I got up I couldn't get back down sooooooo......yeh....next year I'll be more prepared and not need Joe's help getting down.

And next year I hope that the weather will be as beautiful as it was this year. I even got a little sunburn from this fall getaway, go figure, but it was totally worth it to see the leaves change colour.