Sunday, December 4, 2011

colour me christmas

This was a quick snap of the leftovers from today's Christmas card photo shoot. Christmas time has my heart filled with joy like these fun little balls of coloured Christmas de-lights. Every morning our over excited 4 year old wakes us up before the birds so she can find where Timmy is hiding since she knows that if she touches him he loses his magic to fly to the North Pole. *wink* I love her excitement, maybe not at 6:30 in the morning when I'm still trying to catch up on some precious sleep but I have to admit that once I'm up her Christmas spirit is very contagious.

It's been years since I've sent out actual Christmas cards like, since I've lived up in Canada, kind of years so I'm pretty sure my address book is a little out of date. Well more like really sure, but for now I need to figure out where the best place is to print up Christmas card photos...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

hello december

 It's a new month and now that our house is sold I can finally settle down in our new home. Ahhh it feels great but there's still so much that needs to be done like unpacking, organizing, shedding the extra stuff we don't need anymore but right now I just want to take a break from all of the boring grown up stuff and take in a little holiday enjoyment. This is my absolute favourite holiday and one thing I totally love about this season is traditions and in our home it's always fun to start with a new tradition.
Today we received a little present from the North Pole, a messenger from the jolly man himself! This little guy couldn't wait to pop out of his box to explore his new home. He was found opening Maribel's door. She was so excited to read his little story and pick out his new family name, Timmy Carlberg. that when we read about all the fun little things we can do with him like whispering her Christmas wishes to him, she made Joe and I look away while she whispered in his ear. Too funny.
At bedtime she prayed for Timmy's safe travels to the North Pole and that he would find his way back to our new home. Something tells me that he'll know his way back. Besides he's got his work cut out for him if he has to report to Mr S all her going ons and such.

As for me? I'm gunna be a busy little momma bee getting things settled and ready for Christmas but never too busy to bring in this most glorious season. Another tradition I have started today is the documentation of December Daily. I'm really excited to start this project as I hope it will bring out my mojo that has seemed to have vamoosed during the move. I'm sure it's still packed in a box somewhere but it will return...oh will return...

24 more sleeps.... eeeeeek!