Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Liberty Bell And Other Yummy History Parts!

Day 4

My country,' tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing;
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrims' pride,
From every mountainside let freedom ring!

Ooooo excitement is in store for me today! I can feel it!

After checking out and packing our car, we headed downtown to see the Liberty Bell. We parked in an underground parkade and took the elevator up into the Liberty giftshop. I'm just so used to having to pay to see anything cool that I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was free to see the Liberty Bell.
Maribel liked the bell too. She said it was broken and when asked if they could fix it, she would reply, "No. Papa can't fix the Bell." Too cute.
It really is a site to see in real life.

We then headed over to the Independance Hall for a small tour and some education. Our guide was really chatty and chalked full of American history.

I love the grass here! Seriously! It's like walking on nice cool carpet. It felt great to have the grass between my toes. That's something I would never do down in FL. My princess feet can't take the razor sharp blades of grass plus we have fire ants and they reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hurt when they all decide to bite you at the same time! Anywho back to Philly!

After the tour, Jay asked one of the locals where the best place to get a Philly Cheese Steak would be. With a recommendation we headed over to Market and 3rd and had the best darned Philly cheese I had ever!!!

It even beat the one I had on Friday! I only wish I took a pic of it. Instead, here is a sign they had posted that had me chuckling and holding Maribel's had tighter all at the same time.

With full bellies and our bag of overpriced gifts from the giftshop, we got in our cars and made our way to Maryland to stay with Jay's brother Jim.

But first here are a couple pics of downtown Philly.

Off to DC tomorrow! YAY!!! I am beyond excited for DC! There's so much to see and so little time! Oh what to do! What to do!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Wedding of All Weddings!

Day 3
The Wedding

Maribel and Joe were the first to wake up.
Nice and early.
And I mean nice and early.
Like 7am early.
I must speak to those two.

We all got ready early around 10ish and arrived at the Villanova's St Thomas chapel. Well as you can see, it's more like a cathedral. The stunning beauty and architecture really took my breath away.

The walkway leading up to the chapel was lined with these beautiful flowers.

I think this one is a Peony.

Maribel was getting a little restless so we tried to keep her occupied so she was scanning our programs under the marble Jesus statue. It was too cute to watch her pretend. When she saw the stained glass windows she asked Grandma where the monster was. Shrek has been her movie of choice the past few weeks, so it made sense. *giggle*

We told Maribel that she was seeing a princess today. She asked me every 5 minutes where the princess was so I had to tell her that she was getting dressed. Maribel then said, "Pincess is nakey. She need to get dessed." She then proceeded to tell everyone who was willing to listen. Too cute!

She started acting up so I we took her outside to let her settle down. As you can see it was a nap that she needed. Uncle Phill was so sweet and took her from my arms as they were ready to rot off from carrying her for 30 minutes.

This little guy is one of Joe's 2nd cousins and he is so stinkin' cute! I love the look on his face as he checks out his Uncle John. We think it was the mustache. LOL

I am so blessed to call these wonderful people my family! As miss Anna so often and sweetly reminds me, I had a choice. Well hunny, I'm so glad I chose well! ;0)

When Jolene came down the isle she was a beautiful princess. I couldn't get a decent photo inside so I had to wait outside for my chance. Just check out cousin David's smile! They really do make a beautiful couple!

I have to say that this wedding was one that I will remember for many years to come. Everything from the beautiful church, to the happily ever after couple to the stunning beauty of our Heavenly Father's creations, and finally the joy of being with family. I thought I would take one last look at the church before heading to the reception.

I love weddings! Now off to PARTY!!!

Hors d'oeuvres Anyone?

Day 3
The Reception

Right after the wedding we all headed to the Presidential Caterersfor the reception. We were immediately greeted with the friendly staff and were offered the most tasty hors d'oeuvres I think I have ever had. They pulled out all the stops for this place, I'm telling ya!

The cake was in the middle of the room so beautiful, and tasty too.

Maribel found our table for us as it was the only one with a high chair. LOL
Our table was set like it was seating royalty and seriously I didn't know what fork was for what so I just followed what Maribel used and used the same ones.

Here is Aunt Joan and Uncle Jim getting ready to enter the hall.

It was fun how the wedding party entered the room. Normaly they just waltz on in and have their seat, but here they all had fun upbead music and practically danced their way in to the hall.
The Bride and Groom came in and danced their first dance to a nice waltz and they looked like a king and queen twirling on the floor. They were so beautiful and happy. :0)

The food was absolutly deliscious and the music was all so awesome! David and Jolene selcted the music for the evening and they did such a great job with the variety of artists and styles. Maribel was getting a little restless with all the fun comotion so I took her out into the hallway to run around and sniff the flowers. This place is so beautiful and grand.

I love how Maribel lifted her dress to walk down the stairs. Such a princess.

We all retired to the hotel after awhile and I had this awesome idea to go swimmming in the hotel's pool. After all, it was nice out today. Um, well I fogot that I was in the "North" now and just because it was sunny out doesn't necesarily mean that the pool will be nice too. Infact, the pool was down right cold! But did that stop us???? Never! Poor Maribel was so determined to swim. She had ber "babing suit" on and her towel around her shoulders all ready to go down to the pool. Lucky Mommy was the first one to take her in the water.

By the time her teeth were chattering and her lips turned blue, I thought it best that she go back up to our room and warm up a little bit. Maribel didn't put up any fuss. We watched Mulan and had a nice little picnic in Uncle Phill's bed. Hee Hee.

Tomorrow is check out day from here and off the downtown Philly for some more Philly Cheese Steak and to see the Liberty Bell! I cant' wait to walk on the same ground where history was made! Eeek! I'm sooo excited.

I heard that "nerd" cough Vic!!! I'll push up my glasses just for you!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ahhh Philly Cheese Steak, in Philadelphia! Can't beat that!

Day 2

We started the day at the crack of 9am and had our continental breaky and off we went to continue our trek up north! We left Virginia and entered Maryland to stop at the Maryland House Travel Center.

This place was hoppin' busy.

Maribel traveled awesome again, but boy she was happy to stretch her little legs. They had a Dino that played the Flintstones theme song when you dropped in a quarter.

There were some punk kids that scared her a little but she had fun riding Dino.

So I was excited to see that we entered Delaware. Then 20 minutes later we were back in Maryland. I couldn't help but laugh. Then I looked back at my little boo to see this...

She can be so silly, but she's all mine! ;0)

So after our wonderful drive up we finally arrived in Philadelphia! YAY We made it!!!

We arrived at our hotel around 2pm ish and Joe's dad went inside to check us all in. So we let Maribel expel some cooped up energy and run around in the field in front of the hotel. Oh boy was she one happy little girl!

The rehearsal dinner wasn't until later in the evening and we all were starving so off we went to find some authentic Philly Cheese Steak! There was this place was just down the street from our hotel, so we all piled back into our cars and went for some lunch.

When we got there we all were starving at this point but the waitress advised us to spit a large Philly. I was really hungry so I reluctantly took her advise thinking I might have to pick something up later to snack on.

Um excuse me, but I ordered a large! LOL

After a little Philly comatose nap, we started getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. It was being hosted at this restaurant called Maggiano's.

I brought my Rebel camera but when I changed my battery, I left the thing on and forgot that I hadn't charged that battery so I had a dead camera. Boo! I was not a happy camper. I was relieved to find my point and shoot in my clutch so all was not lost.

I love how even my fair red headed princess is darker then me. So NOT fair! Humph!

The evening ended with some full bellies and one tuckered out little girl! She crashed in her bed right away with no complaints. Only to have yet another super busy day. We get to see a princess tomorrow! At least that's what Maribel thinks. ;0)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Journey Begins

Day 1

We left for Philadelphia in the squeaky hours and I took a much needed nap along the way and woke in South Carolina. That doesn't happen everyday. Well, at least for me. LOL

Joe rode with Anna and Maribel and this is what happens when you leave him in charge of touching up a girl's hair. And judging by the look on Maribel's face, she might have an opinion or two.

After our first stop, we all thought best to have Joe ride with his parents and us girls named our car "The Estogen Car". Maribel is quite the traveller. She only complained when the pressure was too much and with a quick drink her ears popped and she was back to her happy self.

I found it quite pleasing while it was my turn to drive, I looked back to see both Anna and Maribel enjoying Pocahantas while we were driving through Virginia.

We stopped just outside of DC for a night cap then off to Philly! YAY!!!

To be continued....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

EEP! Almost time!

We had a great long weekend. I hope y'all did too! Saturday was a very busy day of errands and preperation for our road trip.

On sunday Our poor boo wasn't feeling to well and was really tired. I mean reallytired. She just wanted to stay in her bed and sleep. She even fell asleep in the tub which freaked both of us right out. Our water baby would rather sleep then play in her bathtub. So weird. So we plucked her right out and put comfy cloths on her and I asked her if she wanted me to rock her in her rocking chair and she replied with a soft, "No, I wan' my bed peeze." Who is this little girl?!? That's two faves she has turned down. She must not have been feeling well at all. So Joe stayed home with Maribel while I went to church to teach Sunday School. It was a quiet day for us so we just soaked it in and relaxed as a family.

Yesterday we took it easy as Maribel was still not her 100% self. She gained a bit of her appetite back but was still sleepy. We went to spend our Memorial Day with Joe's family for a cookout. Grandma and Maribel played at home while the rest of us went to see the new Star Trek. All I could say afterwards was AWE-SOME!!!! It is definitly one I will buy when it comes out on DVD! Oh and Spock was quite the looker in the movie.


We leave for Philadelphia for Joe's cousin David's wedding this week! How's that for a funky sentence? I'm very excited! We are driving up so we have packed Maribel plenty of books and toys to play with in the car along the way. Joe also loaded his PSP with some of her favourite movies to watch so she won't be totally bored. On our way back down we will be stopping in Washinton DC so I can soak in all the US of A history and sites! I am excited to slap Abe on the knee and to see the Pencil! We'll see just how I can reach Abe. I'm thinking I'll be more of an ankle biter then a knee slapper though. LOL

Well before I leave you for a week, I thought I'd leave you with a few recent layouts I did. Enjoy and stay out of trouble while I'm gone!

This is one I did for May's LO tag over at Skrapnchat. It was wicked hot out so I decided to join Maribel in her oh so refreshing pool! he he!

I so love these pics of Maribel at the Dolphin Cove. She looks so small compared to these beautiful creatures!

This was my final sketch as a Guest Design Team member at SnC. I had no idea that this page was going to end up looking like this, but I'm sure happy with it. I'm also lovin my new distressing tool. I have to hold back from distressing everything now. he he he

And finally one that when I look at I get a little juicy eyed. This is my mother. I miss her so much but I know that I will see her again. I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who placed me with such an awesome family.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Come Heck or High Water!!!

I had to stay home from work today because of my uber painful back, but it is getting better. Slowly, but every little improvement is alright with me which is good because tonight was my class at my local scrapbook store. That's right! I was not going to accept "store credit" for missing the once in my lifetime chance to meet Kelly Goree from Basic Grey!

I put on my modern girl mu mu and grabbed a wet towel (for my back) and off I went! I was beyond excited! So after I settled down in my spot for the night I grabbed my camera and asked Kelly if she wouldn't mind posing with me. She of course sweetly obliged. The class was awesome! She shared some techniques she uses and told the story of how Basic Grey got started.

There was no way I was going to let my 2nd degree burns stop me from enjoying my Mother's Day gift which is one I will remember for my lifetime!

This is my finished album titled "My Child" using the "Porcelain" line from BG!

*edited to add: Look who's on Kelly's blog? Can you see me?!?!?!? Yeah Baby!