Tuesday, November 30, 2010

is it Christmas yet?

Where did November go? I don't think I have ever been so busy for a solid month in so long. I don't like it. I haven't had a chance to spend some quality time in my happy place that I've been going a little stir crazy. Well I finally took charge and perched myself in my room tonight and got some quality time in with my scissors and paper. Oh how I've miss them. I managed a layout for SnC's layout tag and this....da da da daaaaa......

My first December Daily album. :D
Since I've been singing Christmas songs all week I thought why not start gathering my items for my own December Daily album that Ali Edwards hosts every year. Ali posted her journal a while ago and I remember last year how much I wished I had more time to prepare my own album. So tonight I thought I would take charge now and just do it. I have decided that since this is the first time actually preparing for this project that I would follow Ali's template with a little Jenn thrown into the mix. I kept the same size as her for my album which is 8x6 with an overlay for each new day. Of course all of the links to the awesome stuff she used are sold out (typical) so I had to improvise. And that's okay. It will make the album more unique and personal that way.

Now that November is gone maybe this month I will be able to settle down a bit and relax and enjoy this wonderful season. I can hope right? Well at least my shopping is done. Check one off my list...

25 more days!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

bye little guys

There’s nothing like a little bubble fun to break up the day. We all are still recovering from Black Friday shopping but when Maribel found the bottle of bubbles and blinked at me with her long lashes how could I resist?
When I started to get a little light headed from blowing bubble after bubble, M took over and insisted that I take over the popping duty. I couldn’t bring myself to pop any after the wind carried away a small group and Maribel says, “Bye little guys. Have fun at school.”

I love this stage so much. I remember all the fun things my niece and nephew used to say and do and now I get to experience it first hand. There’s nothing like having front row center tickets to the best little show in the world. The Maribel Show.
Stay tuned for upcoming acts and classic one liners.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Howdy Pilgrim

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is turkey number 2 for us heehee

Sunday, November 21, 2010

a carousel of thanks

I have always wanted a polaroid camera growing up but for what ever reason, I never purchased one. Then upon some research I stumbled on Polariod's site where you can turn your photos into a vintage looking pola. Seriously, it's super fun and kind of addicting...
While I was "snapping" my polaroids I realized that this year all though there have been many trials there have also been even more blessings. My most favourite was the chance to meet my new niece, Maggie.

After thanksgiving the Christmas decor will be popping out and these photos will either be gracing a layout or tucked away into a little book. Ooo what about a mini album? Great. Just what I need, another project.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

small and mighty

I'm not sure if it's the chocolate talking or if it's due to sleep deprivation but it seems that of late every time I think about my blessings and how happy my family makes me I start crying. Like, I might need to invest in some waterproof mascara crying.
I'm so blessed to be a part of this family of 3. We each have something to give that the other always needs. With Maribel I need her hugs in the morning and her blown kisses at night. With Joe I need his always warm body to warm up my freezing feet and his excitement over the simple things like a great thrift store deal. Whatever I am in need of at the end of the day, I know I can count on these two to fill me up. We may be small but we are mighty.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

nanoo nanoo

Hey Joe, Mork called and he wants his suspenders back.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

she's making her list

We received Target's version of the wishbook and this little onion wasted no time making her list. I didn't see any Pillow Pets in there but everytime I ask her what she wants for Christmas she says Pillow Pet without fail.

Is it bad mom-ish of me to tell her that she has to ask Santa for what she wants in hopes that she'll actually sit on his knee this year for a chance at getting a decent photo?


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i've been framed

I tend to dress on the go a lot lately and jewelry is the last thing I put on and it's usually on my way out the door. If I'm lucky I will be able to grab a necklace from the collective in a reasonable amount of time. Other mornings I'm not so lucky. I am convinced they like to gather into a large ball while I sleep just to make my mornings difficult.
While I was surfing some web waves I stumbled on to Pottery Barn's site and found these. That's so what I need since I can't seem to keep my necklaces apart long enough for when I need them next. Bing! I have an idea!! I can make these cheaper. After all, I am my mother's daughter. 
I remembered a post on one of the blogs I frequent where she gives a tutorial on how to make your own jewelry frame for less then $5. Since I already had some frames I wasn't using I put them to work. You can find the instructions here. It was super easy and super quick to do. Now I can grab on the go and not have to worry about them getting together to make my mornings difficult. So much better!
I even made a smaller one for my bathroom for when I shed my bling at the end of the day. No more digging behind the toilet for my chains that my cats love to knock off while I shower. Mmm toilet chains....*shudder*
It's also great for hanging and displaying earrings. I cannot tell you how many mornings that I have wasted more time then was necessary looking for a matching pair only to walk out with nothing because the days of purposefully wearing mismatched earrings is over. I think that ended sometime in 1993. At least for me it did.
Maybe it's time to bring it back, what'ya think? Yes? No?


Monday, November 8, 2010

pass the puck

It’s been chilly here the past few days and by chilly I mean by Florida’s standards. 53F (12C) ‘round about. Anyways I thought this would be a perfect excuse to get Maribel in her passed down Oiler’s Jersey. Gotta represent anyway I can. 
I love how I can never get a serious or regular photo of this chick. And by 'love' I mean 'not-love'. These were as good as I could get. She also didn't want to wear this hand-me-down when I told her it was her cousin Aidan's. Apparently she doesn't wear "boy's clothes" so I quickly let her know that her cousin Sherry had a turn wearing it too and that made it all okay. I hope I wasn't lying. Was I Vic??? Oh well, it worked either way.
It seems I have to work on some hockey education with this little chickie because she thinks the Edmonton Oilers is a baseball team. So the next few nights we will be using hockey jargon like “pass the puck,” and “I call icing”.
 Someone recently asked me if I knew who the Calgary Flames were….psha, the nerve of some people ;o)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

you've got a friend in me

We are all so excited to pick up our copy of Toy Story 3 that came out yesterday. Every time Maribel saw a commercial advertising it’s release, she would get super excited (like, jumping up and down excited) and say, “We will be buying that when it comes out, right Mommy?” Sure thing, baby.

For fun I themed M’s lunch in a toy story theme with Toy Story shaped Kraft Dinner, Mr Porkchop's hotdog coins; Rex's cheese footprints;Toy Story cheese-it’s; fruit leather (hand cut) cowboy hat; raspberries; and a cereal bar.

Just a tip: Do not decide to go through all the old toys to thin them out for the upcoming holiday right after watching Toy Story 3. For someone like me who tends to personify everything, you don't really accomplish much. Everyone stayed.

Notice I said "everyone" like they're real and have feelings...

Monday, November 1, 2010

she's my pumpkin pie

When I think about pumpkin pie, I can't help but think about this little girl. She's so sweet and so loving but with just the right amount of spice to keep me on my toes. And oh boy, thanks to all the Halloween candy she's collected she has sure tested all of the above traits. When she wants some of her loot she turns on the charm but the moment you stop at a couple pieces and tell her "That's it. No more til tomorrow." The sweet little darling turns into a candy demanding Mrs Hyde. This girl cannot hold her candy at all.

Martha has a new butterfly punch so naturally I had to get it. It's a new style that allows you to punch out the shape from anywhere on the page. Serioulsy, it's about time! But of course I used it as a regular punch. This time...

On a side note: My sister text me to tell me that she saw a Christmas tree up already.
AL-REA-DY!?! Hellllo....we still have one more holiday to go people. Don't take away my chance at a second turkey dinner with all the fixins! That's like telling Maribel she can't have another piece of candy.
Snarf, Growl, Snort.