Sunday, June 10, 2012

in a blink of an eye

This week has flashed by so fast, like a blink. Thankfully I had my phone on hand so I would be sure to capture  every little detail...
1) my Monday button
2) I swear that wasn't how I left her this morning...
3) our newest member of our family, introducing June a Florida Box turtle
4) practicing pin curls for the upcoming graduation
5) gotta protect those curls
6) all that hard work and bazillion bobby pins paid off
7) free flowers from Publix + washi tape tags = last minute teacher's gift for Maribel's last day
8) so proud of our preschool graduate
9) celebrating at Golden Corral. they. have. cotton candy...
10) determined to get wet despite the constant threat of rain
11) it was a popsicle for dinner watching Teddy Ruxpin with Teddy Ruxpin while nursing a scooter scrape kind of evening
12) a new found drink that has swiftly become a favourite. I hate lemonade so this should say something...
13) morning photo to start the day thanks to my mini photosnappin me
14) someone stole me seat *cough* Milo
15) hiding in my scraphaven debating whether reorganize or just leave it where I know where everything is
16) my weekend score of vintage teacups and silver platters
17) second breakfast. she eats like a teenage boy..................
18) finally brought out a few of the scrapcubes from the closet. this was by no means an easy feat

And speaking of blinking...this is what happens when you do just that... She graduates from preschool. I'm still in shock of it all....

Hopefully this week will slow down a little so I can catch my breath. Well I'm a 'glass is half full' kind of gal so what ever this week has in store, I say BRING IT!

Friday, June 1, 2012

weekend fever

There’s something about working out the rest of a week from a long weekend where it’s that added bonus of working a short week but then you get weekend fever. The workweek is never short enough and the weekends are never long enough. Why is that?
 Well I do know one thing, this weekend while Joe is busy learning new work duties (yay for a sort-of-promotion) I plan on playing with this chickie-poo.
Our weekend agenda:
-Boring old errands (gotta get them out of the way first thing)
-crafting with some of the fun stuff she got from her birthday
-reading library books while eating freezies
-watching movies inside a fort lit up with bulb lights whilst eating theater snacks like popcorn and Mike and Ikes
-scooter rides around the neighbourhood
-bubble time
-and last and most certainly not least baking and decorating cupcakes. 

It’s gunna be busy and maybe a little messy (note that cleaning isn’t on the list…) but it’s gunna be fun. Happy Weekend everyone!