Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am Thankful for Goodly Neighbours

This morning in Orlando the temperature read -1C (30F –ish) which is uncommon for Florida. This was our coldest morning this winter so last night I made sure I put DD in her footed fleece pjs to keep her nice and toasty.

DH is still out of town, so I have had to make sure I have extra time in the mornings to drop DD off at Gma’s house before work. This morning I woke her up, armed and locked the house and we headed out to the car. It was beyond chilly, it was c-c-c-cold!

Because I was carrying DD in my arms to keep her warm next to me, I opened her door and tossed my purse and keys in the front drivers seat. Totally normal for me. I buckled her all up and placed my winter vest over her to keep her warm (remember we are not used to this cold down here) and shut her door. I went to open my door to get in and start the car only to be denied access because somehow when my keys fell onto my purse, they locked the doors. I stood outside my car, looking inside through my tinted windows to see that yes, my power locks are all in working order and yes, I locked my baby in my freezing car with my purse, keys, and cell phone sitting in the front seat. Totally shocked that I had done this, I took a deep breath and started looking around my neighbourhood.

All was quiet on Justus Dr. Too quiet! Taking more deep breaths as to not panic, I saw that my one neighbour’s house had their TV on. I knocked and the husband came to the door. I relayed my situation and I asked if I could use his phone. Instead, of offering me his phone, he offered his AAA. I was so grateful! I quickly returned to my car so see my smiling angel. She was entertaining herself with her toys and we played peek a boo while I stared longingly at my keys and purse wondering how I could have been so bird brained. Well, while I was waiting, my neighbour came out with a jacket in hand and informed me that he was older and I was not going to argue with him and handed me the spare coat.

AAA came and popped the car locks open in under a minute and all was well. We were a little late but Maribel was safe and totally unaware of what happened this morning. My neighbour stayed outside with me while we waited for AAA to come and save the day. I asked him what I could do to repay him, he just smiled and replied, “Just be happy.”

I felt more than happiness my heart for my neighbour, I felt gratitude and love. Charity is the Pure Love of Christ and I am so blessed to have him for my neighbour.

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