Tuesday, October 2, 2012

playing catch up

Well September came and went in a flash and here we are in October already…cray-zay! So here I am playing catch up with hopes to actually get, get this, caught up! *gasp* I know, right?!? So I thought I would start at where I left off...the end of August. 

Maribel started Kindergarten at the end of August and now that the first quarter is finished (already, I know!! Where does the time go, seriously?!?) she loves school so much.
She gets excited when she has homework (we’ll see how long that lasts…) and she comes home every day with something exciting to share. She’s come home with a couple of battle wounds a few times but that has yet to stop her from enjoying her time at school.

Here are her thoughts about Kindergarten:

What is your favourite subject? Art and PE (Physical Education)
What do you love most about school? Wellllll, I do love my friends
Who is your best friend? Um.... Charles and Franklin
Do you like school? Um hmm (that means 'yes')

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~♥~Linda~♥~ said...

I found your blog via Instagram--I love your crafty pictures, so I have tagged you in the Sunshine Blogger Award on my page...if you want to play along please see my post (I promise, I am not spam!)