Sunday, December 12, 2010

oh Christmas tree...where are you?

This is my MIL's tree that Maribel helped decorate and let's me know that she helped decorate it every chance she gets. She's proud of this tree. When I asked her to stand next to it so I could try out the fun aperture discs for my Lensbaby, she was more than happy to oblige...for a moment.

I love how the lights turn into what ever shape the disc is. I have a snowflake punch that a friend hooked me up with that I can't wait to try. How fun would that be to be surrounded with snowflakes without the snow?

Our tree is still up in the closet. I guess with 13 days left until Christmas I better get crackin', eh?


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PamelaM said...

That is pretty awesome. Our tree went up this last weekend so you are not far behind.