Thursday, September 22, 2011

well that didn't take long

It turns out that this little heart breaker has a boyfriend. Well sort of, you see it seems to be all one sided.

I dropped Maribel off at her little school and as I turned to leave a fellow father-parent stopped me asking me if I was Maribel's mom. Reluctantly I replied yes only because usually that follows with a "Do you know what your daughter did?" question but this time was different. This dad informed me that his son and my daughter were caught wrestling in class, Oh great here it comes.... and that he was asked to speak to his son because he was caught kissing Maribel. On the lips. *skreeeeetch* Okay, um excuse me? By this time I was having a rather difficult time holding back my laughter but the father looked so serious.

He then told me his conversation he had with his son, whom we will call J for anonymity's sake.

J's Dad: "You know J you can't be kissing girls on the lips. Your teacher asked me to talk to you about this."
J: "But Daa-aad I can't help it if I want to kiss my girlfriend on the lips. She's my girlfriend."

I guess Maribel is all this boy talks about at home. So what does dad say to me? "So I just wanted you to know that your daughter is safe with my son."

So later I return to pick up Maribel at the allotted time and while walking back to the car I proceed to ask Maribel about this boy.

Me: "So Maribel, who's J?"
Maribel kind of pauses then shrugs: "I don't know."
Me (trying to see if she'll tell me): "Are you sure?"
Maribel: "Oh wait. Yeah, he's a boy."
Me: "So he isn't your boyfriend then?"
Maribel. "No. Wait, who are you talking about?"
Me: "Never mind."

This poor boy doesn't know what hit him. 4 is such a young tender age to get your little heart broken and naturally Maribel has to be the first girl to do it. If this is "only the beginning" then I'm in for a looooong ride.



Suzanne said...

Okay I can't quit laughing!

Erica said...

You ARE in for a long ride. She is just ethereally beautiful.

Hollee said... daugher and her BFF were caught breast feeding each other when they were 4! You have no idea how lucky you are! lol