Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Will be the Year to Organize

One one of the scrapbooking sites I frequent they referenced a blog by Ali Edwards and choosing a word for the year. Well it didn't take me long to come up with my word.

My Word for 2009 is Organize

vt arrange: to arrange the components of something in a way that creates a particular structure
vt make somebody more effective: to apply or impose efficient working methods in order to work effectively or make somebody else work effectively

I used to be this super organized person. I don’t know what happened that made me lose my direction but I remember the time when my Christmas presents were all bought and wrapped by October; my bills were always paid on time; my laundry was always caught up; and my dishes were always done.

Now, as I am a full time mom and I work full time, my bills are paid yes, but everything else has fallen by the way side. My laundry has it’s own weather system, and my dishes (as they are rinsed) get used up each and every one before they see the dishwasher. And well, as I have Maribel’s stuff all in order, everything else just waits. I never thought that being a working mom would have this type of effect on me. As I care and tend to our precious gift from Heavenly Father, I realized that I need to set a better example for this daughter we share.

In my life I am surrounded with organization, with my church being orderly, my work being very organized, what happened to me? Well no more I say! I will claim back my peace of mind that I will gain from order and coordination! Look out 2009 because here I am ready with my guns a blazin’ !!!

……now to start a load of laundry.

Mountainous Laudryous

this was just one of the mountains

A "Jewel" I found in the laundry


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canadacole said...

I have the pile too! I'm great at keeping up with the washing and drying, but the folding and putting away? Blech!

As my kids hear all the time: Dig! Dig! LOL!