Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Week of Smiles

It's always nice to look out your window on a nice Saturday morning to see something that makes you smile isn't it?

As the week finished and the weekend begins I've been thinking about things that have made me smile this passed week and of course I am the sharing type

My week of smiles include:

~Finishing 4 LOs
~Staying up uber late scrapbooking and not being able to sleep, then suddenly on the baby monitor I heard Maribel shift in her bed, then mumble something then I heard a clear, "Mommy" more mumbling and then another "Mommy". I fell asleep with a smile on my face.
~Watching a movie with DH before bed holding hands
~Talking with my sister and hearing her sweet children in the background laughing and driving their mommy nuts!
~Hearing about my niece holding a picture of Jesus telling people that her Gradmam went to go see "This guy"
~We needed a few things at the grocery store and Miss Boo insisted on wearing her Elmo slippers. Well why not? You’re only a kid once so I say “have fun” while the little old ladies say , “Aw how cute!”
~So far Maribel has taken to her “real” panties pretty well. At the beginning of the week there was the power struggle but as the week progressed, so did she. I think we may have this in the bag!
~Looking outside my living room window to see a lady riding her 3 wheeler bicycle with her large Golden Retriever on a leash trotting along side with a small pug like dog in the back basket along for the ride

As we go through some tough times there are always the times that are sweet as the day is long! What are some things that made you smile this week?

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Just Jess said...

haha only a scrapper would take a pic of their kid in the grocery store ;) I have some pics of Evan in the shopping cart at Walmart- too cute.