Monday, January 19, 2009

Fuzzy Lip? Seriously?!?!?

Today is my day of errands, chores and a little scrapping too. So I headed out to Target to grab a few things, Kitty litter, cat food, shampoo, conditioner, bleach, and a valance for DD's room. You know, everyday stuff. After I'm done and waiting at a red light, I take a peak in the RV mirror to see that my brows have been a little neglected. I wont' say how much, but impulsively I quickly got into the other lane when the light cleared, to pull into the little nail and wax salon I frequent when I need some beautifying.

I walk in and they put me into the wax room right away, woo hoo no wait! So I sat on the chair and the lady asked me what I would like done as she handed me the mirror. I informed her that my brows need some love and attention and she then asked me, "And your upper lip too?" Um excuse me? I took a peek into the mirror right away and didn't see anything needing attention, and she repeats, "Wax the Upper lip too?" I politely replied, "No thank you, just the eye brows." This lady wouldn't give up! She asked about my lip like seriously 6 times! Even pointed out that it's a "little long". Yeah, um I never noticed it before, and in my mind, if it never bothered me before, why mess with it now? KWIM?

She proceeded to do her thing all in silence (thank goodness, 'cause I really didn't know what to say after all that) then she handed me the mirror. I was pleased and happy that I look halfway decent again and began to sit up to leave. The technician then said," So come back in a month and we can do the upper lip too,"
Come on! Seriously?!?!?

I'm not super bothered by it, I just can't believe her persistance. I know about suggestive selling but seriously!
I'm a pretty easy going person and I laugh can laugh at it now. I mean, no one else, not even my sister has ever mentioned it, and she mentions everything as only sisters do.

But hey, at least my eyebrows are pretty again. Now me and my yetti lip will head to the scrap room and work on some challenges!

I'm surprised she didn't say anything about my yesterday's eyeshadow!

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