Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fabulous Finds!

Who doesn't love a good deal right?

Check out these wonders that happened into my shopping hands! Tee Hee!

Yellow top, Glass votive holder, and the little dish from Anthropologie (my new favourite store); Cute kickers, and Mossimo clutch, from Target; Serving trays from IKEA; yellow photo clutch; sweet new apron from Ross (gotta *heart* Ross);0)

I also included some of my favourite things that I have been diggin' these days. As you can tell, the colour yELloW is one of them. ;0) along with some studio g alpha stamps; my sweet iron turtle yarn holder; and of course Joe and I's new found love for the Bananagrams game! (We just won't mention how many times he kicks my butt. Nope. Shhhhhhh) LOL

Milo's tie (something that always makes me smile); some cute earrings; silicone cupcake bakeware. When I'm not chasing my subjects for pics, I'm caught playing my favourite game LocoRoco (this game is seriously the cutest ever! ;0)

If you notice the table I have everything on, it's one that my Grandaddy made many years ago. It's been at my parents house for as long as I can remember and when my Dad came down earlier this month, he brought it with him. I feel so blessed to have a little piece of his legacy. Family is so important to me and here is a photo of my mom (as a baby) with my grandparents. (My Grandaddy that built the table) They have all passed on so this family photo is extra special to me.

And just for kicks here is Mr. Milo sporting his spiffy tie. He looks like such a stud when he wears it around the house.

***I was inspired by Elizabeth Kartchner's blog entry called Monthly Merriment. She is very inspiring and it's such a fun blog to read. Go check her out here.


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Julie said...

I love the cat tie! Love it!!!!! I gotta find out what this bananagrams is all about and those shoes are great!!! Thanks for sharing your finds.I felt like I was playing I Spy.