Saturday, July 25, 2009

keeping busy and receiving blessings

I'm missing our lil' Stinky Winky something awful. *sniff*

Thursday evening Grandma went up to South Carolina for the weekend and asked if she could take our little Boo with her. Who am I to deny Maribel a fun trip with her grandma? So naturally I said yes.

Hmmmm what to do... what to do...

~* Keeping Busy *~

With the borrowed time Joe tidied up the garage and cleaned the aquatic turtle tank. Good thing too because it was getting a little pungent and if I can smell it, then goodness knows who else down our street could smell it and wonder where that stench is coming from. Oi!) So he was very productive. I on the other hand was stuck at work wishing I was home, or in South Carolina with my lovelies :0)I played some more LocoRoco to pass the time. I've now found 5 little LocoRoco dudes! Woo Hoo!

Later we went to see "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince." Awesome BTW! It was my second time seeing it but since Joe hadn't seen it yet I was totally willing to take one for the team :P

It's so nice to have some time together kid free, but we found that most of our conversation was about Maribel so really, we weren't alone. Our little miracle was with us in our thoughts and words.

~* Receiving Blessings *~

Today we went to the temple to do some work for my paternal grandparents. Oh to feel the Spirit and serve our Lord. It was so awesome and humbling to be able to do the work needed for them. I only wish I had known them better. I have the memories of talking to them on the phone when I was a child and having my Dad right beside me reminding me to "speak up hunny, they can't hear very well." I would very much love to hear their English accents again. I'll just have to wait a little longer ;0)

I'm so happy Maribel comes home tomorrow. I need her little whirl wind self to play with me so we can make a mess out of her toys together. Well, not a huge mess. I just cleaned the living room. heehee

Have a great weekend!

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Julie said...

Well it sure sounds like you are keeping busy.I would be missing my kids if they were gone for that long too and that distance :( I bet she'll be super excited to see her mom!