Saturday, November 7, 2009

bitter sweet

This visit was too short! But I don't think any time frame is ever long enough when my family comes down to visit. At least in my books.

This was the first time my brother Dave has visited Florida so he had his list of must do’s which included fishing, going to the beach, and paying a visit with Mickey. The tides were rough, so rough that he lost his snorkle and came back with a broken flipper. And If it wasn't for Joe there wouldn't be any proof that he caught any fish, and well, you can see how the kid pops out when visiting the Mouse. LOLMaribel is one lucky girl! She has 2 uncle Philip’s and she adores them both! This visit Maribel really attached herself to her Uncle Phil (with 1 ‘L’). They played a lot together. It was so sweet and brought tears to my eyes on several occasions when I would sneak peeks at them playing.So this is what my dad looks like 150 lbs lighter! Such and inspiration!
This was his 4th visit to Florida and this time we took him to Disney for the first time, revisited the beach, and ended it with something extra special that I will never forget.On the last day, Dad and I visited the Orlando temple and had him sealed to his parents for all time and eternity. Words cannot express the emotions felt, so powerful and so sacred. What a way to end a trip.

Until next time dad and bros! Hopefully I’ll be the one crossing the border next time =)


Lisa and DJ said...

Jenn, I just think you're so I'm sure your family is just as great! What a wonderful experience to go to the temple with your Dad...and what an amazing photo; it looks unreal!

Julie said...

It looks like you all had a great visit,Maribel especially.Wow! Did your day go on Biggest Loser or something.That is amazing!

Suzanne said...

Nothing better than being in the temple with your loved ones! I'm glad you had a great visit!

Jenn said...

Hi Julie, my Dad used a program called "Optifast." It's medically monitored and for him is was a matter of life or death. I'm so glad he chose to stick around ;0)