Sunday, November 22, 2009

my girl

For the longest while I have wanted to convert one of Maribel's well loved board books into a mini book for her and so, I did.

Here's a close up of the back of some packaging I had laying around and reused it to create an overlay

It's hard to tell but I used a transparency for protective overlays for the cover and back because I know that Maribel isn't exactly the most gentile with some things (something that we are working with her on)Here's what the book looked like before. It was a freebee that came in a kids meal (so much better then a toy in my opinion;0) and as you can see she loved it. Maybe a little too much...

For being my first one of these, I'm really happy with how it turned, out I sense some more in the near future. =)

And here are the two pages I created for our online crop at SkrapnChat (the ones I gave a sneek peek to earlier this week)


enjoy the rest of the weekend!



Suzanne said...

You are so talented Jenn!

Hollee said...

DUDE!! I wanna scrap like YOU when I grow up! :) YOu Rock!!! Luv your stuff!

Julie said...

The mini album is wonderful! I love all of your crop layouts too.You do ROCK!