Wednesday, November 18, 2009

what's in your purse?

Today I was persusing through my blog list and saw this cute post of
Elsie Flannigan's (love her btw) Of course I had to play along =)

Today my purse holds:
My ever faithful Olympus with extra memory card; pocket tissue holder made by yours truly; lip gloss; mini Totoro; Vulcan ears my sista sent me from get this-Vulcan, Alberta! Cool eh?; M's bracelets I made her and thought I lost; my mini sketch book that I jot my many crazy and random thoughts and inspirations (looking at it now I think it's almost time for a new one); keys; cell phone aka extension of my arm, ear, what ev; hand sanitizer in my fave B&Bw scent; a lollipop that I promised M could have after her dinner a week ago-oops; crochet hooks and naturally a current crochet project -hense the body parts (their arms in case you couldn't tell) ;0) Looking at all the shhtuff I have here, I think I need to go through my purse more often *blush*

Ooo and dont' forget about this Friday's online crop here!!! I have my challenges all ready to go, just waiting for the weekend to hit =)


PS if you can't tell, neither will I


Kirsten said...

Your purse has more fun and more creative things in it than my purse has.

A crop this weekend eh? Hmmm, may have to come and play along.

Julie said...

LOL.......I sure don't have Vulcan ears! You have been hard working for the crop.The peeks look great. Check my blog out, you've been tagged.

PamelaM said...

My purse looks nothing like yours. Mine has orange vicks drops at the bottom, loose change and old game wrappers. I like yours better!