Saturday, December 26, 2009

boxing day and M's first movie

Okay, so living in Florida hasn't completely numbed my Canadian traditions. ;0)I was there when Target opened to ensure first dibbs.So now I'm all set for next year!

After the shopping and a little nap, we took Maribel to her first movie, Disney's "Princess and the Frog." She loved it and made friends in the middle of the movie too ;0)

Now that she's had a taste of watching movies on the big screen, she asks to watch all her movies in the theatre. I guess Alvin and Chipmunks are next =)



Lisa and DJ said...

Oh cute is she? I'm taking Aubrey to see that movie this week. Maybe I'll wear my Belle dress.

PamelaM said...

So sweet Jenn. She looks like a princess.

Just Jess said...

oh and I just love her dress!

Julie said...

Oh how sweet! She even went in her princess dress.I bet Alvin and the Chipmunks will be great.