Wednesday, December 30, 2009

faves of 2009

It's still hard to believe that 2009 is coming to a close. I spent the last couple of hours just recapping the year in photos and I can't believe how much Maribel has grown. She's a little weed that thrives on anything pink and sparkly ;0)

I also looked through my scapbook pages and relived those memories all prettied up and want to share my favourite ones of 2009

I love this one of Maribel. She really is the light in my life
Never Grow Up

My Mojo Jojo. He puts the skip in my step and the thump thump in my heart *love sigh*
My *heart* Thump Thumps for You

This little sweet heart melts my heart and I love this photo of her so much. My sister captured this precious moment of my niece Sherry colouring her felt case daydreaming away. So presh!
Sunshine and Lollipops

Maribel's first trip to Sea World is a time I never want to forget. She loved the dolphins the most and in these pics she looks so tiny next to these beautiful creatures.
"Oh Yook!"

And my fave above all faves...
Outta this *world*
That's right. This kid really is out of this world. Not only is he stinking cute, but he's super funny and so sweet and conciderate. He will make someone very happy one day.




Kirsten said...

I love them all!!! You are such an amazing scrapper, and you inspire me all the time!!

Julie said...

I love them all,but the last is my fav.! I hope you submitted that somewhere Missy.

PamelaM said...

I think M would say that you and DH are the light of her life.

You know I love your layouts!