Sunday, May 8, 2011

our "other mothers"

For the past year I have been wondering what the best way would be to teach Maribel what adoption means and how special it is and how special she is. I grew up knowing I was adopted and have seen just how special it is first hand and I wanted M to have the same understanding and love for it as I did/do so I started with showing pictures of her biological mother and her younger half brother. She loves that she has a brother which takes a bit of the pressure off Joe and I because we kinda suck in that department.

About a week before we left for Alberta Maribel crawled into my bed while I was getting ready for work and I said,
Me: Hey Maribel guess what? (we like this game)
Maribel: What?
Me: Guess who we’re going to see when we go to Canada?
Maribel: Oh who Mommy?
Me: Your baby brother Dayce.
She smiled super big so I continued

Me: And guess who else you’re going to see in Canada?
Maribel: Who?
Me: Your Birthmother, Tia.
She gasped her super happy excited breath and threw her arms around me and said, "I’m so excited!" While we held each other for that precious moment I knew telling her was the right thing. I wonder if my mother felt this when she told me I had another mother?

The Beautiful mother who blessed me with a beautiful daughter.

Maribel love's her Mommy Tia and that really made me so happy. I've wondered if some adoptive mothers have the hidden fear of the first meeting. No fear from me, just love and gratitude. So much gratitude.

Maribel and her little brother Dayce

This little meeting really melted my heart. They clicked right away and my heart was over joyed. She loves her little brother so so much.

Me and my birthmother Joann

That weeked we also had the chance to visit my birthmother which was also M’s first time meeting her kokum and the rest of my birth-family. She clicked with her cousins right away and just made her self at home with her extended family. My heart was seriously starting to overflow at this point.

Me, my Kookum, My birthmother Joann, and little Maribel
4 Generations

Now take a look at this photo and tell me that this could have been planned only by our Heavenly Father.
Adoption is such a beautiful thing.

Happy Mother's Day!


April C said...

Your post made me cry a little..not gonna lie. How wonderful for Maribel and yourself to have all this extra love to share.

HearthSong said...

So beautiful, Jenny. Thank you for sharing.

HearthSong said...

Ewwwww, Autocorrect just changed your name. Sorry about that Jenn!!,

DanaMK said...

That's just beautiful! I think it's so fabulous that you've met your birth mother and family and it's a gift that M can do the same. I am huge advocate for adoption, especially when people celebrate the adopted child's biological heritage. We have considered adoption because we both firmly believe in it. I'm so happy for you and M!

Suzanne said...

One can never have too many people in their lives who love them. I had the opportunity of being with a friend when she was given her first adopted baby. Such joy! I also saw the birth mother leaving the building and my heart ached for her. What a blessing the plan of adoption is! What I want to know is....Where did M get all that red hair!?

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful person Jenn- Maribel is blessed to have you. Love Jess

b.c. Gurl said...

I had no idea that M is adopted- I think you look so much alike - though I've always wondered how she got that great red hair - though now I'm still wondering! lol
I got warm fuzzies reading your post - adoption is such a great gift to give and receive.

Kimmartha said...

Jenn, you are truly an amazing and beautiful person. It's no wonder M fit right in with her and your biological families - with a Mommy that has as beautiful a soul as hers does, how could she not?

JennC said...

Thank you all so much for your kind comments. <3 My mom always raised us girls to remember just how special adoption is and how it blesses everyone invlolved.

To answer the question of M's red hair, we believe it came from her bio-great grandma who had red hair. I also believe that Heavenly Father had something to do with it too since I have ALWAYS wanted a red head. :D