Wednesday, May 25, 2011

walk with me

Maribel is already making plans for her next trip to Canada. She loved it so much and is always talking about it. Even though we're a year away from our next trip I'm afraid that her list of things to do will be so long that we would have to plan a super long trip just to accommodate everything she would want to do.
M loved walking along the Henderson Park lake but of course wanted to walk on the rocks like her older cousins but she was so unsteady that she almost took a drink in the lake more then a few times so Uncle Thom held her hand while they walked.

Too bad we can't walk around the lakes here in Florida without wondering what lurkes beneath the waters...There's been more than one report of gators snacking on fluffy Fifi's which is enough for me to stay away completely. Oh the joys of Florida living. But hey, it's better than shoveling snow...this I remember and now am extra grateful.


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DanaMK said...

Such a sweet layout! And what out for those gators!!

JennC said...

Thanks Dana. Imagine my shock when I first moved down here people would warn me about lakes and such only to see for myself a wild gator basking in the sun on the lake bank. Now I'm paranoid, lol.