Wednesday, July 6, 2011

it's lunchtime

and today I'm...

listening to Alli Moss through headphones.
eating leftover whole wheat spaghetti & sauce with cucumber and carrot sticks and yogurt. Being on a diet stinks sometimes but if I chant "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" over and over in my head I can get through it. Barely.
drinking lots and lots of iced cold water with fresh lemon slices.
wearing black maxi skirt, white top, with blue Anthro cardi and dress sandals. 
feeling happy that I got my laptop to work even for this short while and a little unprepared for my talk/presentation this Friday.
weather partly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms and a high of 91F and low of 73F which translates to HOT!
wanting the mosquitoes to vamoose and find some other juicy morsel to leach from. oh and a new laptop.
needing to find my mojo so I can finish up some unfinished projects already, yeesh.
thinking about how excited I am that my family is coming down to visit me next month.
enjoying pictures my sister posted of some old family slides she scanned. Well, enjoying most of them. There's one of me in my "primal youth" that is less than flattering. Trust a sister to post those photos.

I was inspired by a photo I saw here. I love the idea of an ever changing list. It keeps things fresh.


Elva said...

What a cute idea for a blog! On another note I think I would melt in that temp! :)

Jared and Andrea said...

I miss you!