Wednesday, July 27, 2011

zooble run

I saw this neat idea in a Family Fun magazine where they used empty paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes to create a marble run that would stick to the fridge with magnets. Since I had some leftover empty rolls from another project (which I will post later ;o) I thought this would be fun to use for Missy Pant's Zooble collection. We gathered up some supplies and had a little painting party and 30 messy minutes later......Voila!
Our very own Zooble Run!

The Zoobles are heavier than marbles and the track wouldn't stay up using the sticky backed magnet strips like the instructions suggested so we improvised until I can figure out a better way to make them stay up on the fridge. Meh, it works but I am open for suggestions.

I think the best part of this project was painting the tubes. Maribel likes the splatter and smear technique where I like to paint polka dots or self portraits like the one here...*wink*

Now every time Maribel sees an empty roll waiting for someone to change to a new one she instructs both Joe and I to keep them so we can add to the Zooble run. What ever works to keep her from glittering the cats and getting into stuff even if it's only for a half an hour. Hey, I'll take what I can get.


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Marianna said...

You are the funnest mama in the whole wide world!!!! <3 love this!