Thursday, July 21, 2011

missing mojo

You know when things get really busy all of a sudden that you barely have time to do anything, let alone anything creative and then you finally have a wee bit of time and then what? Nothing.........I've been staring at a blank piece of card stock for 4 days now not knowing how I want to manipulate it into something creative so I stare. Just staring at the untouched piece of paper.

So then I thought I would come here and post a little something only to have the same results....staring......*blink* *blink* watching the cursor appear, disappear, appear again, then disappear over and over and over...... you can see I'm getting desperate. I'm really missing my mojo right now. Like, a lot. *sniff*

Mojo? Are you out there? Please come back.....please?


1 comment:

April C said...

BAHAHAHAHA this is the cutest thing ever. You need to scrapbook this. You are crazy girl and I love you for it! P.S. Perhaps our respective mojos are hiding out together somewhere.