Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello Kitty birthday party

With any party it usually starts with invitations. The theme was a Hello Kitty tea party so I thought it would be fun to make the invitations like little teabags. I whipped the invite up in Photoshop and made the envelopes with vellum. The little tag on the end was the child’s name. Super simple yet fun.
Maribel has a friend that cannot eat anything with gluten so I baked everything gluten free so there wouldn't be any worries of crumbs getting on each other’s plate. The menu included Lays wavy chips which happen to be gluten free, flower shaped sandwiches in pb&j and ham and cheese on gluten free bread, fruit kabobs, and pink lemonade. The “tea” was sparkling pear apple juice served in teapots. 

On the tea table tempted with some melt in your mouth sugar cookies. Recipe found here using gluten free flour and royal icing. Yummm! 

All the girls got to dress up in teatime clothes and scarves. Everyone was fancy and fabulous!  I only wish I had snapped a photo of everyone but alas I could not be in two places at once. I'm still working on perfecting that ability... 
After a few games it was time for cake. I did a trial run of the cake because I had never worked with fondant before and I wanted to give it a try. My dear friend Hollee makes these amazing cakes and she posted a tutorial on making fondant and this is her recipe. After learning from my trial cake this second one came together much more smoothly and Maribel loved  it which was all that really mattered. 
After cake, cupcakes, and presents it was time to hand out the loot balls. There are all sorts of goodies disguised in these Hello Kitty surprise balls and I got to watch a couple of the girls unravel their loot, the look on their faces were priceless. 
Of course I made these really late at night several nights ago but I did manage to snap a photo of the content of one of the balls. Contents include stickers, hair clips, fruit erasers, Hello Kitty ring, Hello Kitty magnet, candy, and lemon sundae lip gloss.

Well I survived another party and yes, it was worth every minute when I saw just how happy and delighted Maribel was with her special day. I didn’t manage to snag many photos of the birthday girl since she was busy entertaining her guests and I was just as busy making sure everything went smoothly but I did manage to snag a few photos of her special day. Yay!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl! Here's to a great year of being 5!

I know I say this every year but next year I'm thinking pinata! 


Lisa and DJ said...

A.MA.ZING. I want to be invited to her next party! ;)

brjenka said...

<3<3<3 the Birthday Party!!! one question... what and how are the "loot balls?


JennC said...

Hi brjenka,:D
Instead of handing out the party loot in little gift bags I decided to make little surprise balls by wrapping the items in party streamer paper.
You start with the biggest most awkward piece and keep wrapping the paper around and around adding new items as you go. It's easy to do but takes a lot of paper, lol!

Julie said...

OMW Jenn! Amazing......I want you to throw me a party.Maribel is one lucky girl.

Michelle said...

I'm just organising my daughter's Hello Kitty Tea Party for her 6th Birthday party and you have given me so much inspiration. Love the invitations, where did you find the Hello Kitty graphic?


JennC said...

Hi Michelle,
I had a lot of fun planning this party. I found the image in Google Image search under "Hello Kitty Tea Party"

Yay for a Hello Kitty party!!!

Abby O. said...

Hello!!! I was browsing trying to find ideas for my niece's 5th bday party (I am in charge of all the craft side of it) and I was wondering how did you make the loot balls?! They are so cute and I never seen those before!!! :) Thank you

JennC said...

Hi Abby,
They are really easy to make. You will need a roll of the crepe paper or streamer paper and all the fun loot items you want to add. Then starting with the largest most awkward items first you wrap the paper around and around all different sides adding new items as you go. The ball will then start to take shape the more paper you add.
To finish off just add a dab of glue and you're done. Easy peasy. C: If you have any other questions just ask. C:

zerry ht said...

Hello Kitty birthday party, that looks astonishing. I was exhausted by house chores but having a look at these party details made me feel relaxed. Now I am also going to throw such a fun party for my son’s upcoming birthday that I am planning to host at the local event venue Atlanta.