Friday, March 23, 2012

hockey night in Tampa, FL

Being a Canadian living in the states for these some odd years there have been a few things that have oh-so-gently and quietly slipped away and have been replaced with US of A.....things. Things such as calling pop 'soda' and asking where the 'restroom' is versus calling it the washroom and I now 'fix' supper instead of making supper and I may or may not have picked up a bit of a southern accent. If you ask a few members of my family they will say I've gone "American" while several people down here tease me whenever an "eh" slips out. I can't help it when I'm tired or just happens. But you throw a hockey game in the mix and all my US-isms go out the door and my true red and white roots come right back as though I never left! 
 I think the last time I attended a live hockey game was 1992 (give or take a couple of years) with my Dad and so I know that I was over due big time. My timing couldn't have been more perfect since my home team was in town playing against the Tampa Bay Lightning Thursday night. 
It totally made my day to see several blue and orange jerseys mingled in with the dark blue and grey Lightning colours. I wore my 'away' colours this game and wore them with Edmonton pride. We definitely got our money's worth with the game ending in a shoot out. Talk about intense...aye ya yi! 
 ^^^#1 Fan^^^
gotta love classic self portrait shots! ♥
Nosebleed seats or not I am so happy I went and that I had the best Orlando native with me cheering away just as hard and just as loud. Ultimately our team lost this game but that didn't take away any of the fun we had that night! One thing is for sure, when I go back home this fall to my hometown I will be picking up some Oilers regalia like foam fingers and toques.Team spirit baby!!!


Joy said...

So glad you got to go and had a good time!! My last live hockey game was also with my dad, but back in the 80's, and it was the Habs at home, don't remember who they were playing. Hey, how do you say "pasta"? I used to get teased no end, but I think I've Americanized :P.

JennC said...

Haha in my mind I say pasta like 'fast-a' but out loud I say pasta like 'cost-a'.