Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the tooth fairy door

In a blink of an eye it inevitable happened. My freshly five year old lost her other baby tooth (one of the ones she was born with-yes she was born with two teeth) and is growing up. *sniff*
When I heard the great news I knew that the Tooth Fairy would be expected later that evening so I quickly made a Tooth Fairy door so that she wouldn't have to break and enter to make the transaction. Instead she would use her "fairy magic" and come in through the special door.
Pipa keeping a watch out.
Maribel was so excited and actually went to bed on time with no hastle or extra requests. But she did keep checking the door to see if the Tooth Fairy had used her magic to open the "magic portal."
Nothing yet. It didn't take long before she was fast asleep dreaming about cupcakes and fairy dust.
When she woke she was beyond excited about her $2 and when she went back to check the door to see if the  magic portal had been left open she found that the portal had been closed...but evidence remained....
"Mommy, Mommy! The Tooth Fairy left some fairy magic in the door." as she starts rubbing all over her hands. At least Milo is safe. For now.......


Auntie Em said...

Jenn, this is such a sweet idea! Love the sweet little grins on kids faces when they are missing baby teeth! :)

brjenka said...

Ok where did you come up with the door??? and how did you make it???


Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea!