Monday, April 9, 2012

one more day

I figured since it’s Easter Monday back in Canada I would carry the Easter celebrations over one more day with a bunny inspired bento that I made for Maribel last week.
For the top some yummy grapes ripened for nibbling along with some cherry Jell-O in a flowered cupcake cup.
And for the bottom box a little bunny cut from a classic pb&j with a few fruit leather carrots surrounded with bunny tails-aka mini marshmallows. 
Funny tale about these fluffy little balls of confection…when I went to add them to M’s lunch the bag was nowhere to be found. I mean NOwhere. I searched high and low quite literally and even in my #1 suspect’s room while she still slumbered only to come up empty handed and a little defeated. So when the little sneakerella woke up I had to ask…

Me: Maribel, do you know where the marshmallows are?
M: No
Me: Are you sure? I wanted to put some in your lunch today
M: Oh wait! Maybe they are in your (bed) room.
(after a brief moment and some rustling coming from under my blankets at the foot of the bed)
M: Oh here they are. How did they get in there?
M'yesss how did they get in there???
As pictured here we had a similar instance with the parmesan cheese that mysteriously disappeared. I still haven’t found the empty container.

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