Sunday, April 8, 2012

surprise Easter egg

Happy Easter! 
Last night while walking and talking with her Grandpa about Easter then Maribel said, "Grampa, Easter candy and stuff is nice but Easter is really all about Jesus".
It brings my heart so much joy to know that she gets it. Lately we've been talking a lot about my mother and how she's busy doing the Lord's work on the other side and how we all will be reunited again. Such peace that knowledge brings. 
Of course she had fun with the Easter tradition of hiding/finding eggs scattered about the lawn and enjoyed the pleasures of her Easter basket. It's amazing that she ate her supper after filling up on copious amounts of jelly beans...that's my girl! 

After returning home from our Easter feast it appears that we haven't had our fill of eggs just yet, only this one didn't come from the Easter Bunny...
It looks like our turt Eloise had been hiding one last egg for us to find. I couldn't help but laugh while watching Joe scramble around setting up the incubator all giddy and hopeful. Eloise had already laid her eggs (that were unfortunately unfertilized) so this came as a complete surprise. In about 30 days we'll be able to see if it's a fertile one or not so I'll keep you posted if we're going to be grandparents or not.

I couldn't help but wonder after watching Joe walk in and out of each room muttering to himself and forgetting why he went into the room in the first place, obviously distracted, that this is just a glimpse of what he would be like if I'd ever be in labour and need to be taken to the hospital. It made me giggle. Out loud. 

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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Auntie Em said...

M looks so grown up and totally adorable in her pretty pink Easter frock. She is such a smart little lady.
That's exciting news about the turtle... Not as fast as the Easter Bunny hiding his eggs but a great surprise!
Sounds like a lovely day! :)