Monday, December 15, 2008

The Holidays are Here....

...and I'm not ready! This is the second year that I haven't been my usual Christmasy self. I think mostly it's because I haven't had a snowy Christmas in 5 years. The One year I went home for Christmas, there was barely any so I'm not counting that.

This weekend we went to Miss Patty's for her Christmas party. When I mentioned to Maribel that we were going to Miss Patty's to "play" she wanted to leave right away. We were still getting things together and I guess we weren't working fast enough because Maribel was standing at the door crying ,"Pyay. Pa-ayeees!"

We got there and had some wonderful food then we had a visit from Santa himself. A bunch of the kids freaked out and started crying but Maribel surprised us and just sat on Grandma's lap so she could see what going on. Once she realized that gifts are involved, she was all over that. But wouldn't smile.

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