Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oxygen's Good Stuff!

Yesterday was my "King of the Hill" day. You know the episode where Hank had to see the Dr for a colonoscopy? All I could think about was the one line where the doctor asked, "Do you like vide-a games Bobbie?"

Well I had to go in for one of those wonderful probing procedures to make sure all is well, and as it turns out; All is well! YAY! But of course I could not go one day with out my mouth embarassing me.

While I was in the room they layed the oxygen tube in my nose and told me to inhale nice deep breaths. Meanwhile we were conversing nice chit chat then they asked me to roll to my side. With all the tubes and monitors they had hooked up to me, I had to sit up and turn to lay back down on my side. Well....that's where the crazyness started!

When I sat up i realized that the oxygen really buzzed my brain and when my brain buzzes I giggle. I then said," Wow this Oxygen's good stuff! I've been to an Oxygen bar years ago but it was nothing like this!" I remember hearing the techs and nurses chuckle then I piped up again with, "This stuff is great!" I passed out before I could redeem myself.

When I was coming around, I could hear the nurse tell Betty Lou that I was giggling before I went under and giggled when they woke me.


It was that good!

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