Wednesday, September 9, 2009

if 9 is your # then today is your day

Last night Joe offered to entertain Maribel while I escaped to my scrap haven. It felt so good to scrapbook again and this one isn’t for a LO Tag either! When I emerged from my haven Joe had Maribel watching Wall-e for the 100th time and dinner cooking in the oven. Yup, I think I’ll keep him ;0)

On another note, did you notice something kinda neat about today's date? It's all 9's. Cool eh? I can't help but notice funky dates so in honor of today's number I will make 9 crafts to give away over the course of 9 months to 9 people. Sound fun? I'm excited about it!

So the rules, if you can call them that are to leave a comment and I will make a craft of my choosing just for you. It can be anything from jewelry, to crochet, to scrapbooking creations, to sewing, to...... well, anything really. You can drop in some hints but remember that I get to choose in the end ;0) Okay, lets face it. I am one of those people who have real trouble saying no, so if you would like something specific, just let me know. I will do my best. I love to create!

I got the idea from a friend that was tagged to create a small number of crafts for people who commented on her blog and it forwarded over to who ever received one of the crafts, they had to pay it forward-so to speak. Well, I'm not going to ‘tag’ people to do the same but feel free to create for others if you like. I’m sure they would love it. I will post an update when I have my 9 lovelies!

Happy Hump Day!


Too Too Tain:
pp Basic Grey Lime Rickey, Bo Bunny, Sassafras
Buttons: Basic Grey
flowers: Prima
Ribbon and lace: Fancy Pants


Kirsten said...

what a great way to celebrate 9 /9 / 9! I think I shall do the same.

Dawn said...

This is a great idea! One thing about being home is that I never notice the date anymore... BTW, I love all the handmade embellies on your pages ;)

Claire said...

Great idea!!! And I love freebies!!!

"The real" MarthaSue said...

Awesome Idea! Love the page!
is the photo a color on top of a b and w one?

prittykitty said...

Love the idea! Never even thought of the date!

Tracey said...

:D Who doesn't love homemade things! What a great idea!

PS. Awesome LO!

Anonymous said...

great LO jenn!! Love it!! And a great idea, too!! Can't wait to see what you're gonna make me... LOL

jen. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, love your idea! I did think about the date earlier, I notice things like that. My SIL was 40 on 04/04/04, I thought that was pretty cool!

StampinThursdays said...

I love this idea Jenn! What a cute LO too.........I love the title :)
Karen T

Julie said...

Awesome LO.Love the title and you are just too sweet! What a great idea.