Thursday, September 17, 2009


It’s been a busy week for us but I managed to complete my LO for September’s LO Tag over at SkrapnChat and I thought I'd include a sneak peek at the finished page =)

And speaking of sneak peeks, here is a peeky-poo at what Maribel and I are going to be for Halloween. I’m still collecting some items to complete our costumes-I’m a little more then excited! Joe is being a jam-tart and not dressing as anything. Boo!

It's almost Friday! woo hoo!


Suzanne said...

You are just too fun Jenn! So how are those "moving to Utah" plans going? ;) I could use a friendly witchy poo living near me. Can't wait to see the rest of that LO. Oh and I took a banana costume photo for you at SeaWorld! lol

PamelaM said...

Oh boy...I can't wait to see that layout. You are soooo creative - inspiring really!

So fun that you are dressing up with M. I am thinking of having a kids halloween party seeing halloween is on a Saturday this year...YEAH!

Kirsten said...

OK, I have done my LO tag too, and it looks NOTHING like yours LOL!