Friday, September 25, 2009

september finds

It's that time again for my monthly finds for September which has turned into my favourite things with some good deals thrown into the mix. I have been drawn to purple and green as you can see ;0)

I love a good deal but lately I have developed a greater appreciation of what I already have. I believe it’s due to Joe still searching for work in this tough economic time and rediscovering lost things whilst throwing out the unwanted clutter.

But I couldn't resist picking this flick up-on sale of course. If you are a fan of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, then you would enjoy one of Maribel's movie choices of the month, Coraline. I think the record for the most watched in the day is 5 times. I really don't mind but when I'm about to brush her hair, she will cover her eyes with her hands and say, "You not sewing buttons in my eyes!" it's time to cut back. So we watch it 2 times a day now instead of 5.

Top left: We've been making a lot of cookies lately and this new gravestone cutter will be making an appearance this coming month. Along with the cute mini loaf pan that's holding my new fave mustache necklace.
Top right: Georgie was one of the first of Owlishly's little guys I made. I love his little grape suit, despite it taking me forever ;0)
Bottom left: My sister introduced me to this little book, and it explains a lot. If you are a Tim Burton fan, then you would enjoy this twisted story book. At least it gave me a better understanding into my sister's brain-HaHa
Bottom right: Another mini loaf pan (found at Michaels for $1) that will soon be filled with some delish Pumpkin Bread-yum! For now it holds buttons that Maribel keeps getting her little hands into. Again, I don't mind.

It's been so refreshing as I get rid of the clutter, that I have noticed that there is more going out then coming in. Ahhh I finally get it!


Other favourites and finds include: drinking hot chocolate in my Mike Wazowski mug; New wallet and hobo bag (the bag was on wicked clearance but the wallet was regular price so together it averaged out to be a good deal. At least that's how I justified it in my mind); chewing 5 gum; New crochet hooks with a bamboo handle-much more comfortable; New rosette heals (on clearance at Ross-love it!); tissue cozy I sewed with some cute clearance fabric; Coconut Lime Verbena hand sanitizer (I cant' get enough of that stuff); and of course watching Coraline in 3D!


Anonymous said...

Great movie!

PamelaM said...

Love your september finds. You always display everything so beautifully. That hand creeps me out a little!

Julie said...

I am in love with all of your findings and crocheted critters.A tombstone cookie cutter!!!!! Seriously, how great would that be for a kids school Halloween party.