Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the jury is in

It’s been 6 days and I have hummed and hawed and taken a few pics to help me decide if I want to keep my new Olympus E500 camera. I had until this Friday to make up my mind. I didn’t want to pass up the great deal of $250 brand new, but it took awhile to decide if I wanted to replace my Rebel with the Evolt or keep trying to find a solution to the current problem of not able to get my pics off the card. With testing and playing around the jury is in.
Drum roll please.......................................................................she’s a keeper!

I feel like a Borg with this new extension to my arm. Shout out to the Trekkies! Halla! I’m being very battery conscience while taking photos as the battery juice is dangerously low and the replacement charger hasn’t arrived yet. That’s how I got it for so cheap, they gave the charger to another purchase so I’m crossing my fingers it will come this week but that isn’t stopping me from enjoying the noticeably faster shutter and auto focus response, and clean-clear pictures from the SLR, and and... *sigh* I could go on.

My favourite feature right now is the dual card slot. She holds both Compact Flash and XD memory cards so I don’t have to purchase additional cards! Bonus! Plus, the lens size is the same as my Canon lens, so my macro filter fits beautifully-another bonus! So all in all, I give this puppy *****!

I now have a Christmas list (that I didn't have before) that includes a new camera bag, a remote control so I can be in some of the pictures too, and a cute camera strap cover...and a new lens. Ooo I have my eye on this baby!
*sigh* I can dream right?
Dear Santa,
I’ve been a good girl all year....



PamelaM said...

I am so happy to hear that you love your new camera. Tell Santa if he needs a reference to confirm your "goodness" this year he can call me. lol!

Julie said...

My friend has the same camera and takes unbelievably awesome photos,and she has never taken a course or anything.

Jenn said...

Oh yay! Thanks forthe info. I'm still waiting for the charger to come in before I really give this camera a run for it's money ;0)