Saturday, October 10, 2009

hello hello -hola!

I'm in a place called Vertigo....well, actually I am in a place called Tampa, Florida.

I swear they were singing right to me! with over 70,000 other people around! *sigh* I can still hear the ringing and feel Bono's sweat that hit the stands! Along with the sweat of the dozen people brushing up against me to the music. Mmmmm eewwww!

Pam, Me, and Jen

We left Orlando at the squeaky hour 8:30am and arrived in Tampa at 10:45a not really looking forward to the 95f feeling like 115f blegh! heat but man oh man, it was definitely worth every sweaty, stinky, memorable moment because we made it to the front row! Oh yeah, and the concert?

Hi-lites *oh where to even begin...

~ Making it to the inner circle, can we say Front Row?!?!? Sorry, but it's worth repeating a few times!
~ Seeing the Muse as the opening act! Awesome!!!
~ The energy from U2 really is a once in a lifetime experience!
~ The large diet coke after the show. It was the best tasting diet cola in the whole wide world!
~ I will definately see them again! and again, and again...

Non-Hi-Lites *yes, there were a few unfortunate to say

~ The 97F with humidity and heat index of 105F with absolutely no cloud in site. Except for one that received a standing ovation!
~ Mr. Personal Bubble Invader
~ Being packed into the arena walkway like sardines for 3 hours, I'm sure breaking several fire code regulations. There was no air circulation so we were breathing everyone else's exhale. Ew doesn't even come close to an appropriate word.
~ The "dropped rose" that wasn't so rosey in non cycled air. I can still smell it!

Hello Hello, (hola)
I'm in a place called Vertigo...


Julie said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time even if the heat was unreal! I bet it was an awesome concert.

Anonymous said...

So you ready to go again?? I can't wait till next summer already!! Love ya,
jen. :)

Hollee said...

That's just too freakin awesome!! I'm glad you had an amazing time! and I'm totally jealous!