Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oogity boogity

well, sort of.

Maribel and Joe are out of town this week and so I wanted to surprise them by decorationg our porch.

Okay, so I swear I had more decorations than this but I guess not. This is the first time I brought out these decorations since purchasing them a few years back on wicked clearance. yeah, and I now know why it was on extra discount, I had to use a broom to hold the skully guy up. So If I need to sweep my porch way, I'll have company-so to speak. Having all this extra time with my boo's being out of town, I figured I had no excuse this year, but looking at my poor porch I think I might be making a trip to Target later.

Enjoy =)

Do you think it's too scary? I don't want to freak out my little boo baby

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Julie said...

Great spooky scene!