Monday, October 5, 2009

two little cuties

Little over a month ago I received a call from my sister, telling me that she has a very sad little girl. It turned out that Sherry forgot her little crocheted Sherry doll that I made here awhile back in the movie theatre. :'0(
Vic searched the theatre high and low for the mini Sherry. She inquired at Lost and Found, picked through the garbage, what a mommy trouper, asked everyone around, and finally left her number with the manager just in case someone finds the little doll. Poor Sherrykins was so sad it broke my heart to hear her sniffle in the background.

So here we are to present day with a new Sherry.

I added more details to this one with a flower, hair ties and I made her with a purple dress instead of pink. She even has matching panties hee hee

Of course you can’t make for one and not the other so I now present to you...


I asked him what colour he wanted his 'Aidan's' shirt and he replied, "Blue with a Spiderman on the front." That's totally doable only I didn't notice until he was all done that I reversed the colours. Oops! I don’t think he’ll notice-I hope. I also gave him a little Mohawk which took more time then originally planned but worth it in the end. He’s so cute in real life it’s only fitting that he would be just as cute in yarn. =)

I have so much love for these two and miss them more then words can say. My wish is that we all lived closer so Maribel could play with her real cousins instead of stealing the doll ones from me when I'm searching high and low for them only to find them buried in blankets and being told they are going “nigh’ nigh’”. I can see I’m not through making these dolls yet...

So their bags are packed and now ready for their long trip to their new home in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada.

Have safe trip you two! I wish I was going with you :'0(

<3 your Auntie Jenn


Suzanne said...

What a fun Aunt you are! And so talented too!

PamelaM said...

Is there anything you can't do? How cute and what a wonderful auntie you are. I think you should open your own little craft store.

Just Jess said...

Jenn you are so amazing!