Monday, May 17, 2010


Another weekend came and went and I am left sitting here in this Monday morning wondering how it flew by so soon? Where did the weekend go? What did I do again?? Oh yeah...nothing. Well okay, I didn't do exactly nothing, I did manage create a page this weekend. So I guess that counts for something...

Maribel has this thing for bubbles. It doesn't matter if it's rain or shine, if she sees any product that fits the bubble making process she immediately begins the bubble making process. The girl has gotten pretty good at it too.
For this page I really wanted to put an emphasis on the ginormous bubble Maribel was creating so I used some Glossy Accents and covered the entire bubble in the picture. As I was creating this page it seemed like all the planets were aligned and the universe was all liking me because it came together pretty quickly and I always seemed to have just the right shtuff on hand. This was a rare moment for me. I'm usually scramlbing for just the right thing to go here or there. Hey, I'll take it when I get it.

Have a Splendid Day!



Lisa and DJ said...

You are seriously brilliant with the glossy accents on the bubble. Wow, you are creative!

PamelaM said...

Awesome layout Jenn.

Weekend go by way to fast. I vote for 3 day weekends all the time.

Kirsten said...

I never would have thought about the glossy accent on the photo - but it's awesome just like the rest of your LO!

I keep a bottle of bubbles on my desk. We found them in the lost and found - and my office roomie and I have bubble hour at random times throughout the week. It's amazing how some simple bubbles in the middle of a crappy day can brighten everyones mood!

Julie said...

This is amazing! I love the circles,the photo and how you did the fringe on the paper.Beautiful Jenn.......I'd like to see you submit your stuff.