Tuesday, May 4, 2010

lucky ladybug

While playing in the front yard a ladybug landed on my leg and Maribel noticed it right away. She really wanted to hold it so we made the transfer. She loves bugs. Especially ladybugs. After a few minutes Maribel forgot about it and it crawled onto her chest so she went to scratch. My ninja like reflexes caught M's hand just in time but not before the poor ladybug peed all over her chest. Nice.

Did you know that if a ladybug pees on you, it brings good luck? Yup. True story. Later that day we got a call to show the house. The people loved the house so much that they put in an offer for what we were asking. I say that's the luckiest ladybug I know =)



Lisa and DJ said...

I guess I should be on the outlook for peeing ladybugs!

Julie said...

lucky lady bug indeed! I hope you sell your home real soon.

Kimmartha said...

Yay you!!! What a wonderfully lucky lady bug!

PamelaM said...

I for one have never heard that before. How much pee can a ladybug produce? ha ha!

PS - perfect choice of colours for this layout!

Marianna said...

Love this!!!! And that is just plain *awesome*!!!! got any peeing ladybugs to spare? :oP
Great use of garden variety... Beautiful as always <3

Jared and Andrea said...

Ladybugs ARE lucky! My cousin, Tara, loved ladybugs. Since she died, I swear they come to visit me whenever it's been a rough day or a memorable one. It's like she's there too. : )