Wednesday, May 5, 2010

worth every penny

55 pumps of Method laundry detergent: $6.56
5-triple load washing machines: $15
2 large and 1 med sized dryers: $7
Getting all the laundry washed, dried and folded in under 2 hours:
Finally able to drive around without having my car loaded with laundry and people asking me 
"is everything okay at home?":
Worth Every Penny.



Anonymous said...

i had a blast last night jenn, thanks for asking me to go with you!

Hollee said...

he he - my secret code is "reppitent".

Laundry - yup - I can totally see the value in takin it to the mat! :)

Julie said...

Laundry is something that is really never done! I'd love to have that many washers at my disposal.

Kimmartha said...

This completely cracked me up!! You ARE going to scrap it, yes? haha!!

PamelaM said...

Ha the comment about people asking if everything is okay at home.

PS - it's cheaper to do laundry in the US. I think here it is $1.50 per wash/dry. Can't say that I really miss the laundromat days. lol!