Monday, May 24, 2010

we just *click*

EEP! I scrimped and saved and finally invested my pennies into a new camera...and oh snap, I'm in love! It's a Pentax Kx with so many bells and whistles and I can't wait to dive right in and learn this baby inside and out. Oo and a bonus part is when I was talking "shop" talk with my Dadeo, he is sending me his 50mm lens that he doesn't use anymore.
Oh happy day!
I have to say that one of my favourite features are the built in filters. There are 7 funky filters plus the option of creating your own. I have always loved the look of the Fish Eye photos and can now acheive the same look with a switch of a setting. Here's a little sample of what I'm talking about.
And of course the perk of capturing video footage on the same camera is stinkin' awesome too! No more missing out on the funny ism's due to not wanting to carry two cameras. I can now catch everything with a quick turn of the dial!
See here...*psst* you'll need to turn off the music on the side bar ==>

While you can see I am having a hoot of a time with this new addition, I'm really motivated to try out the manual mode. So stay tuned for more as I learn the elusive "F Stop".
Hee hee I'm sorry but I can't help it. I love the fish eye filter...I'm addicted.



Lisa and DJ said...

You make the fish eye look gooood and I love Maribel's abc's!

PamelaM said...

Your excitement shines through in this post. I am super duper excited for you. YAY for you for saving your pennies for something you really wanted. The filters are really awesome. I don't think I have that on my camera.

Now that I shoot mostly in manual mode, I feel like I am cheating in automatic. lol! Remember the lower the f number, the more blur you will get. You'll love the 50 mm for this. The lens rarely ever leaves my camera.

PS- love the video of M. Swinging and singing takes coordination. Tee hee!

PamelaM said...

PS - love the layout.

Jen said...

love the layout, and am sooo glad you love your new camera!! Thanks for the hand-me-down!! :) Love ya!!

V said... much do you contacts cost for that eye of yours?