Monday, November 8, 2010

pass the puck

It’s been chilly here the past few days and by chilly I mean by Florida’s standards. 53F (12C) ‘round about. Anyways I thought this would be a perfect excuse to get Maribel in her passed down Oiler’s Jersey. Gotta represent anyway I can. 
I love how I can never get a serious or regular photo of this chick. And by 'love' I mean 'not-love'. These were as good as I could get. She also didn't want to wear this hand-me-down when I told her it was her cousin Aidan's. Apparently she doesn't wear "boy's clothes" so I quickly let her know that her cousin Sherry had a turn wearing it too and that made it all okay. I hope I wasn't lying. Was I Vic??? Oh well, it worked either way.
It seems I have to work on some hockey education with this little chickie because she thinks the Edmonton Oilers is a baseball team. So the next few nights we will be using hockey jargon like “pass the puck,” and “I call icing”.
 Someone recently asked me if I knew who the Calgary Flames were….psha, the nerve of some people ;o)


AprilC said...

Did you tell them you don't acknowledge the Calgary Flames because they are sub-par? Cute jersey by the way and an even cuter model.
I'm super stoked to buy Easton his first Oilers jersey this year. I love living in a hockey city!

JennC said...

haha April, I will definitely use that one next time I am exposed to the Flame name. ;o)

I have to admit, living in a hocky city is pretty great. Of course I traded the puck for the was a sacrifice but I made it through okay. lol

AprilC said...

Yes quite the sacrifice you made..haha. As much as I love hockey I think I'd take Disney over it anyday!!

Mike and Erica said...

You guys are so not-regular meaning that y'all are too fabulous for a regular shot. I love the one of her sucking her thumb. She looks so big but she's still just a baby.

PamelaM said...

Way to represent!!! You couldn't ask for a pretty model. She is just so pretty!