Monday, November 1, 2010

she's my pumpkin pie

When I think about pumpkin pie, I can't help but think about this little girl. She's so sweet and so loving but with just the right amount of spice to keep me on my toes. And oh boy, thanks to all the Halloween candy she's collected she has sure tested all of the above traits. When she wants some of her loot she turns on the charm but the moment you stop at a couple pieces and tell her "That's it. No more til tomorrow." The sweet little darling turns into a candy demanding Mrs Hyde. This girl cannot hold her candy at all.

Martha has a new butterfly punch so naturally I had to get it. It's a new style that allows you to punch out the shape from anywhere on the page. Serioulsy, it's about time! But of course I used it as a regular punch. This time...

On a side note: My sister text me to tell me that she saw a Christmas tree up already.
AL-REA-DY!?! Hellllo....we still have one more holiday to go people. Don't take away my chance at a second turkey dinner with all the fixins! That's like telling Maribel she can't have another piece of candy.
Snarf, Growl, Snort.



Julie said...

Beautiful layout and I love M's lunches.My mother has her tree up!!!!! Crazy women.

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Sorry.......I had duplicate posts.