Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i've been framed

I tend to dress on the go a lot lately and jewelry is the last thing I put on and it's usually on my way out the door. If I'm lucky I will be able to grab a necklace from the collective in a reasonable amount of time. Other mornings I'm not so lucky. I am convinced they like to gather into a large ball while I sleep just to make my mornings difficult.
While I was surfing some web waves I stumbled on to Pottery Barn's site and found these. That's so what I need since I can't seem to keep my necklaces apart long enough for when I need them next. Bing! I have an idea!! I can make these cheaper. After all, I am my mother's daughter. 
I remembered a post on one of the blogs I frequent where she gives a tutorial on how to make your own jewelry frame for less then $5. Since I already had some frames I wasn't using I put them to work. You can find the instructions here. It was super easy and super quick to do. Now I can grab on the go and not have to worry about them getting together to make my mornings difficult. So much better!
I even made a smaller one for my bathroom for when I shed my bling at the end of the day. No more digging behind the toilet for my chains that my cats love to knock off while I shower. Mmm toilet chains....*shudder*
It's also great for hanging and displaying earrings. I cannot tell you how many mornings that I have wasted more time then was necessary looking for a matching pair only to walk out with nothing because the days of purposefully wearing mismatched earrings is over. I think that ended sometime in 1993. At least for me it did.
Maybe it's time to bring it back, what'ya think? Yes? No?



Mike and Erica said...

Perfect. It's functional art.

PamelaM said...

This turned out great. I am loving frames right now and I am working on a project that includes one.

Sometimes I think we share a brain cell..lol!

Joy said...

Love it!! Yet another project for my bedroom makeover.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea and my and my 2 year old son are enjoying your playlist. He's clapping after every song. So cute! Visiting from Tea Rose Home.


Mike and Erica said...

by the way, your mani looks fab!

Erica said...

I visit your blog for the great updates and tutorials and of course for the latest on the Beautiful Ms. M. The music makes it extra nice. It's such a great playlist.