Thursday, January 27, 2011

easy bake birthday

Growing up I've always wondered how people with holiday birthdays celebrated. When I married Joe I made it a point to celebrate his birthday first and foremost then finish his birthday with the New Years Eve celabrations. Plus there will always be fireworks just for him. ;0)

This year Maribel and I wanted to make his birthday extra special since he had to work, so we baked him a very special birthday cake. I remember loving my Easy Bake Oven so much and was so tickled when Maribel received one this Christmas. So far we've made cookies, cakes, and double layered creations with all sorts of frosting and sprinkles. Ahh love!

I know see where Maribel get's her FunDip tendancies as I couldn't resist dipping my fingers in the mix. Maybe some traditions are meant to be carried on...



Kirsten said...

I loved my easy bake!! What a perfect way to celebrate

PamelaM said...

I thought about getting one for J for Christmas but thought she may be to young. I now know I was wrong. Hmmm...her birthday is in February.

Beautiful layout as usual.