Monday, January 17, 2011

stuff she says

Just wrapping up the long weekend with a little creativity and a lot of laughter. I'm a pretty sarcastic person. No it's true, it's my #1 survival skill and sometimes it gets bounced back to me by this little chicky.  She is always keeping us in stitches with the things that she says. I think what gets me the most is that she means every word.
Here's a little expination to each quote:

"Shang, DON'T DIE...because I love you." is from watching too much Mulan and this was the avalanche scene where he gets swept away by the snow. She's going to marry him in the temple. She tells me this often.

"You're so FLUFFY" quote was from after watching Despicable Me (for the umpteenth time) she grabbed my stomach and shook it. Nice boost of the self esteem right there.

"Mommy you have quite the rat's nest up there." e was when she brushed my hair right after we woke up. I have since then learned to pre-brush my hair before ever letting her do it on her own. YEOUCH!!

"Let's tell Heavenly Father to take the cold back to Canada 'cuz I want to go to the beach" was when we had our cold snap (yeh, yeh, Vic I know, it's all relative) and she wanted to go to the beach. I informed her that it was too cold for the beach and the cold weather was coming from Canada. She never misses a beat.

"Mommy, I like his Noo Noo's" Noo Noo's are breasts or pecs and came from her watching the part in Mulan where General Shang takes off his vest to teach the new recruites how to fight. His noo noo's are nice.....for a cartoon.

"Mommy is upset so I better go home with you, Grandma" is from her acting up in a reeeeeally nice resturant and Grandma tagged me out so I could sit down to finish my dinner. Oh she was such a stinker.

HA! Maribel just saw this photo as I'm typing this and says to me, "Why don't we do that again Mommy so you can take my picture with a popsicle. I'll go get one." That is her way of getting to eat a popsicle before supper. She's funny but she's sneaky too. I'm off to divert her path...



Kirsten said...

SO cute!! Love the lay out and how you captured these saying.

April C said...

Great LO! She's quite the little character.

Suzanne said...

Wish I could spend time with you both!

PamelaM said...

Love this Jenn. Beautiful layout as usual. ♥

I think I may "borrow" your idea and use it in a blog post.