Friday, January 28, 2011

mommy's shoes

Today I asked Miss M to put on her shoes for a quick excursion when she came out saying "Ready!" it made sense why I couldn't find mine. She loves wearing my shoes around the house and this was not the first where she tried leaving the house in one that were not hers. She tries so hard to act casual but the clomping sound that comes from wearing ones that are a bazillion sizes to large kinda give it away.

This is my favourite pair and while playing a photo game at SnC we were asked to take a photo of our favourite shoes. This is where I found mine. Again.

We're having an online crop this weekend, come play with us!! There's lots of fun and great challenges to participate in for a chance at some prizes!!! It's where I'm gunna be, when I'm not hunting for my shoes. ;0)