Thursday, March 3, 2011

procrastinators unite...tomorrow

*psst* Wanna know something about me? I'm a procrastinator. I know. Hard to believe right?

 You know when you see a bumper sticker or t-shirt or something of those lines and you say to yourself, “That’s so me.” Well that was me when I saw this shirt. I have said before that “procrastination is my middle name”…

I have a long list of things I need to do before my cousin comes down to visit...she's coming in two days. It's a good thing I have that shirt to live up to or that would make me a liar.
Happy Friday Eve!



Lisa and DJ said...

You have NO idea how much this cracks me up. Love it!

April C said...

I giggle every time I look at that t-shirt. I love this layout!

Kimmartha said...

Heehee - this is the third time I have read this entry - and the third time it has made me giggle!! You are soooooo serious in your picture - I am so proud of you for standing up so staunchly for your beliefs!! ;D

PS - I was going to make this exact t-shirt....tomorrow.... haha!